Hallo, my name is Daisy I'm from Holland
i am a nurse on the ambulance and first aid .


Try to love and respect one another.
It doesn't matter what colour or religion you may have.
The world could be a better place to live in without all the hate.

Live Today, Yesterday is Gone, Tomorrow is the Future.

Have a nice day, regards and hugs always with love. XXX

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Elégance masculine - Louis Vuitton
Kurtis Rykovich - Sirène
Africa spring
Famille de cigognes
apple time
lady with bird
good night my fish
lady in red
Luka Megurine - Vocaloid
Ed Sheeran
Les démons de Marilyn
Femme au visage de tigre
just for you
lovely gift from katrin
Visage de femme avec perroquets - Tons violets et verts
proud bebe USA
gold fantasy
gift from dj45
Daphne Blake
johnny /elvis
my cat
love my job
art deco
lady diana
fire fantasy
from my dear friend katrinka
Viens danser avec moi - Vintage
monkey family
love pink
Portrait d'une femme qui pleure
Dolce Gabbana
my sister twin

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Romantic   Vintage
· ott 34 jegyzőkönyv
Hello Daisy , thank you for your visit
Have a nice weekend :x
Passez une belle journée !
· ott 1 idő
Hello Daisy
Thank you for voting
Have a nice afternoon

· ott 1 idő
vielen Dank für Deine netten Kommentare und Bewertungen
LG Regina >:D<
· ott 2 óra
.(\, /)~~..°Hello My dear Daisy
..(. . )❤Thank you
..(")(") for your comments and votes.
have a nice weekend ,kisses and hugs Marcel💗 :) :x :x :x
· ott 19 óra
Bonsoir ma TOUTE BELLE, merci beaucoup pour tes gentils commentaires et tes belles notes. Je te souhaite un bon vendredi et un heureux week-end !des tout gros Bisous amitié :x 💗
Mietzi Regenbogen
· ott 22 óra
_ „ʌ„„ʌ”˜˜‟ ╮ Thank you @};-
_ ≽ˉ•ˉ≼¸_„(”)) __ ★♥ ___ ★
for your visit, the nice
comments and the votes.
Hugs & Kisses and a
very nice Friday :x
Beautiful Day For You - Vintage
· ott 1 nap
Thank you very much Daisy for all your lovely comments & likes on my Picmix Creations :x ;;) Have a great day & stay safe ((Hugs)) Karen ;;) >:D< :x 🌷🌼🦋
· ott 1 nap
coucou ma belle >:D< te souhaite un très bon jeudi!!!!merci pour tout tes gentil com note & vote(-)gros bisous d'amitié :-* :-* :-* :-*
Frau in Pastellfarben
· ott 1 nap
>:D< Vielen Dank für deine Kommentare und Bewertungen :x
Deine Avatare - Wettbewerb
· ott 2 nap
Hello Daisy, thank you for your congratulations, notes
and votes with kindly words. Have a good day. >: D <

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